Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In!

Over the past couple weekends, we’ve received a total of nearly two feet of snow!!! (if my math is correct) Richmond, nor much of Virginia for that matter, hasn’t seen this much snow over the past five years or more combined! With the exception of the ridiculously high electric bills that come as a result, I absolutely love me some good winter weather. In my opinion, this is what a real winter is made of, and I love how its kept us hunkered down at the home front, so we can spend time with each other and get lots of house projects done including lots of painting! Philip’s classes have even been cancelled twice! I think the snow is beautiful, and I love how it tends to call for cozying up indoors with movies, hot chocolate, and homemade goodies (and to keep it real, a good dose of cabin fever here and there). Wade isn’t quite to the age where he shares my appreciation of said weather, but don’t think we let that stop us from getting him out in the white stuff for some (birthday) pictures!



IMG_4073 IMG_4076
IMG_4079 IMG_4081

We had a great time a few Saturdays ago at one of our neighbors’ house for a “full moon cocktail hour”…there were lots of kids involved, as well as tasty food and wine. Thanks to the Hansens for a great time!


I love this picture of Totty and Wade cuttin’ a rug together!


I told you the birthday boy is a little social butterfly these days.


I also told you there were homemade treats involved. These are my chocolate chip cookies I have a hard time resisting, and I’m very pleased to have realized the secret to achieving my ideal amount of puffiness: extra flour! I think about an additional 1/4 cup did the trick! Delish!


And as far as house projects go: remember this project I was so proud of? Well, unlike most people who rush out to the grocery store to get nutritional necessities when a winter storm is brewing, I rush to the paint and fabric stores. I whipped* out this green velvet pillow all by myself! Our bedroom is also now a new color, which I am loving. I’ve got a bit more to do in there; I’ll try to post some pictures when/if I ever finish!


*”Whipped” may not be the most accurate/truthful indicator of the amount of time this pillow took me to make! Many hours and some stress resulted in a pillow that I’m proud of, but I won’t necessarily invite you to check out the zipper area! It’s definitely the work of an amateur!

{I hope you like the blog's new layout! I'm thankful for Heidi and Kimberly's help with this, as I'm so not technologically savvy!}


  1. your new blog layout looks fantastic!!!!! And those chocolate cookies look oh so yummy.


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