Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogs to Love

It's pretty chilly where we are, and there's still plenty of evidence of all the snow we've seen. Seems like the perfect time to stay cozy inside, right? Wade thinks so too. He told me to invite you all to sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or in his case, a cell phone), and relax a bit.

If you're anything like me, relaxing often involves catching up on various blog reading. I stalk visit quite a few blogs, some written by friends I know, others written by friends I don't actually know personally. I know you'll thank me for introducing you to two of my favorites.

The season of Lent is upon us, and I think Edie does such a wonderful job of talking about it right here. Edie's blog is really great, and I recommend it to you all. She just turned 40 and posts about everything from her list of 30 things to do while she is 40 (because 40 is the new 30 of course), to her passion for homeschooling (no denim jumpers here!) and house projects, to tips on applying MAC make-up. She is genuine, down-to-earth, and funny. She takes her faith very seriously, and I'm inspired by her dedication to reading classic literature. I have come to love her and I bet you will too!

Darby is a mother of three small children, and you will also love reading her stories. She is a talented crafter, who will impress and inspire you with what she creates in the kitchen and with her sewing machine (also be sure to check out the 'renovations' tab, as she and her husband have turned a plain jane house built in the 80's into a real beauty). I love how she invites us to "fly through her window" while also reminding her readers that her family's life is far from perfect, even though blogs can have a way of painting a picture that suggests otherwise. She lives in Alabama, but I swear if she lived closer, I feel like I could just pop by and say hi to her and her kids.

Go on over and check out Edie and Darby. I know you will thank me that you did :)

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  1. I enjoy these blogs and I think I found your's through Darby's or Erika's.
    Columbia, SC


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