Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Self Control, Where art Thou?

Pictured here are five delicious chocolate chip cookies. That is the number of delicious chocolate chip cookies I have eaten over the course of the day! What hope do I have of ever losing those last 5 "baby" pounds with this kind of lack of self control?!?! But they were soooo good.

In other more encouraging news, Wade is as cute as ever. And just as predicted, yesterday he laughed for the first time! It was AMAZING! Definitely the greatest thing he's done yet. After being born, of course.

He's so adorably cute with his little smile, it's as if he wants to say, "It's ok if you keep eating those cookies, Mama. I'll still love you even if you can't wear your favorite jeans." Ah, how reassuring babies are. I do really like those jeans, though.

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  1. Hi Anne! I miss you and I want to meet Wade!!! Just wanted to say: you look amazing and if you only have 5 pounds left, you're doing better than most; you need to eat lots of yummy fats to make all that milk, so keep it up with the cookies; Wade is absolutely adorable and is looking more and more like his mama! I really see you in this picture. Anyway, will call soon - sounds like you're doing so well, and are full-on into the adoration phase (isn't it great?!). Love you!


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