Monday, March 2, 2009

The Birth Story

Wade just recently celebrated his one month birthday! (Well, there was no official celebration, although he did give mama a wonderful gift last night--the best night of sleep yet!) I thought in honor of this one month milestone, I would take a look back and share the story of our sweet boy's birth.

I mean, really, how did we get from here... here?

I woke up during the night on the morning of January 30th to use the bathroom like a typical pregnant lady. In the fog of sleepiness, I recall feeling like I had a bit of a stomach ache. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to sleep through the night. Looking back, I feel like a fool that it really did not occur to me that I was experiencing early labor! I mean, I was two days past my due date, but I just thought I was coming down with a little bug. I woke up that morning around 7:30 and told Philip I really did not think I could take him into school. He asked if I thought it was labor, and I told him I doubted it. Nevertheless, he was wise to suggest we try and time this "stomach ache" I was having to see if there was any regularity to it. A few minutes later he told me whatever I was experiencing was happening for about 50 seconds and every five minutes or so! This was news to this self-aware preggo gal!

Having taken a Bradley course in childbirth preparation, we were prepared to labor as long as possible at home and then, with the help of our doula, head to the hospital for the birth. As you could imagine, the next couple hours are a bit of a fog, but I know I labored in the tub for about an hour and then somehow eventually made it into the car, all the while going through some EXTREME contractions. Things were moving very quickly; much quicker than any of us expected, especially for our first baby. Within just a couple hours contractions were only a minute or two apart, and they were very intense. Looking back, I realize now that I was surely going through transition on the floor of our living room (as seen in the first picture above). And let it be known that my husband was my hero through of all of this--he fed me a popsicle in the tub, faithfully timed and recorded contractions, rushed to gather all of our things, and just generally tended to his laboring wife's every need. He remained so calm and level-headed through everything. He was my rock through the most intense (and rewarding) experience of my life.

As soon as Emily, our doula, arrived we headed for the hospital. This part continues to be a blur, but I do remember enough to suggest that going through the hardest part of labor in the front seat of your Honda Civic is probably not the most comfortable place to be! We got to the parking deck of the hospital, and I just remember thinking that I needed to get somewhere where I could have a contraction (ie. lay down). I dashed out of the car and made a bee-line in my socks for the elevator, where I promptly collapsed to contract, much to the shock of many onlookers. The crowning moment of all of this drama was probably when I yelled for a security guard who was bringing me a wheelchair to "SHUT UP!" when he politely asked if my water had broken (it hadn't, and this just seemed so irrelevant to me at this point!) *Don't worry--I later returned to apologize to this nice man. We made it to the delivery room just as my midwife was arriving. She checked me and I heard the most glorious words I could ever have imagined: I was 10 cm! I pushed for about an hour and then, a mere five hours after we had started timing contractions, we met our son.

Wade Philip Worthington, my newest love.

The brand new little dude. 8 lbs 0 oz, 20 inches long.

Wade had just been born. My expression really captures my sense of awe and amazement over what had just taken place.

We are a family of three now! Such a sweet, sweet time.

Daddy and son getting to know each other. Little Wade is a lucky, lucky boy to have this man for his daddy.

These two women were such a blessing to us. Their support and guidance greatly enriched our birth experience for sure.

My beloved midwife.

Our wonderful doula.

The experience of laboring and giving birth was glorious and terrifying and beautiful and intense and miraculous and by far the hardest thing I have ever done. But I have to say that I feel a new appreciation for what my body is capable of accomplishing having given birth; I feel empowered as a woman! I also feel extreme humility and gratitude that the Lord was so gracious to us; He was so clearly with us throughout the journey. I am so thankful that I was able to have the birth experience for which I so longed.


  1. What a sweet story! Anne, he is so cute, and I can tell that he has two very loving, devoted parents! Can't wait to keep reading about the daily goings-on of having such a little angel around! love, Megan (Van Fleet, formerly Epp, of the UVA persuasion. Know who this is now?)

  2. unbelievable. i am in awe. thank you for sharing this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an encouragement. you are so right, this is what God made our bodies for... I hope I can be half as brave as you!!!!!!


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