Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Week

Wader-tater has been visiting with his Mimi and his Papa for the past week (!), and Philip has had the week off of school, so our week here at home has felt so different! Of course we’ve missed our crazy little dude, but gosh, life has just felt so darn easy. Mind you, when we only had one child it rarely felt easy, but now? Now, it feels like a cake walk to only have one babe around. I’m thankful that it’s been a pretty restful week. I’ve worked on some painting projects, Philip did some work in the yard and in the garage, and we didn’t really have to pay for staying up too late because sweet Miss Thang went right back to sleep with us in the bed each morning. Several mornings we all didn’t get up till after 8! Holland’s teething and still very much likes to spend time with her mama after she gets tucked into bed each night, so don’t go thinking we slept all night long or anything crazy like that.

Early in the week, we were so happy to receive a visit from Holland’s little buddy Joel and his mama, Holly. Holland told Joel that crawling is fun and he should try it. I’m kinda hoping Joel told Holland how it’s rather nice to sleep all night long!





It was also quite nice to have the time and energy to devote to making some yummy meals for Philip and me. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty taxing taking into account Wade’s dietary restrictions and trying to come up with meals during a normal week. And apparently, when I only have one baby around (and one who is quite happy playing by herself next to me), I feel compelled to photograph my food. There’s something about a beautifully prepared meal (even if it’s a hotdog…) that seems to beg for its picture to be taken, am I right? Anyway, here’s some of what we ate this week. (and please do keep in mind that our meals are often thrown together and typically don’t look quite so pretty as these pictures suggest! remember my hubby was home all day and I only had one baby!)


{homemade pimiento cheese—I’d never made it before, but man was it good!}


made even better when added to fresh ciabatta bread with a farmer’s market tomato!!


hubby approved. but he did think it was weird and kind of annoying how I kept taking pictures.


Another night we had pasta tossed with fresh homemade pesto and tomatoes from our neighbor’s yard!

I got all fancy and made halibut one night, but I think the salad outshone the fish. It had mango and goat cheese and toasted macadamia nuts with a minty vinaigrette dressing! It was practically like dessert!


And then there was the night we had hotdogs. But! They were Polyface hotdogs, so all is well!IMG_4755

I also was quite happy to purchase these from the farmer’s market:


and turn them into this (for my littlest love):


Holland had plenty of fun too this week.



fun with the Slippy’s toys while he was away!


{Maggie, I adore my necklace!! Thank you so much!}


helping mama with diapers!


Going after that truck again! She was actually working on pulling up here. Later today, we found her completely standing in her crib! Watch out world!

I was going to tell you all more about our week, but it’s late and this mama is tired! Tomorrow my boy comes home and Holland’s getting baptized! Can’t wait to tell you all about it! ‘Night!

*post edit: with the exception of the hotdogs, all recipes taken from this cookbook.


  1. Your baby girl is precious. We love playdates too!! I can't wait to try some of those recipes. They look yummy!! I guess i need that cookbook. Can you buy polyface hotdogs at Wholefoods?? We live in Louisiana. Love your blog!!

  2. Rachel, Sorry I meant to respond earlier! I don't believe you can buy Polyface food at Whole Foods. I believe the Polyface belief is that you should buy as locally as possible, so they would probably tell you to find a local source for your meat/poultry and patronize them. Interestingly, Whole Foods does sell some "local" food at its different locations. When we visited Polyface's farm last summer, I asked the owner, Joel Salatin if the Whole Foods stores in our region carried their products. He told me that they didn't because Whole Foods wanted them to package their food in a more "glamorous/sexy" way! Polyface politely declined. Pretty funny I think.


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