Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House Pictures: Before & After {Kitchen & Dining Room}

A friend of ours recently began selling real estate here in Richmond, and he just launched his website to highlight the services he offers. One unique aspect of his work involves microfinance. To quote Jay, he "gives a micro loan to a struggling entrepreneur in a poor country whenever somebody here in Richmond buys or sells a house with my help." Pretty cool stuff, right?

Well, Jay also wanted to begin featuring work local Richmonders have done on their own homes, and this is where we came in! Jay was kind enough to ask if we'd like to share pictures of any project in our home, so I decided this was the motivation I needed to finish off a few remaining items in our kitchen/dining space. Click here to read all about the transformation! Thanks again, Jay!


  1. Anne, I clicked over and your kitchen makeover is fantastic! Hope your kids enjoy the chalkboard :)

  2. You did such a wonderful job. I love it!! You should go into interior design.

  3. I'm in love with your kitchen! Like, I really wish it was as easy to leave a kitchen as it was to leave a husband here in Nevada. Awesome job!


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