Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Friends I Love

We recently enjoyed the pleasure of the company of two dear friends of mine. I am so grateful for both of these women, because while I don’t get to see either of them regularly or nearly enough as I would like, I know that when we are together it will be like we were never apart! Isn’t that just the best? Picking up right where you left off just feels so natural with both of them.

Holly came to see us a couple weeks ago, and of course she brought along her little man, Joel, who was born one month before Holland. Holly and I first became friends when she and her husband, Jay moved to Lynchburg half-way through our two year stint in Lynchburg back in 2007 (did you follow all of that?). We shared mutual friends, having all attended UVA, but none of us had actually ever met. Our friendship got off to a speedy start when I approached Holly and Jay at church in Lynchburg and asked them if they would be our friends because, (and I quote), “We don’t have many friends!” Philip wasn’t exactly thrilled with the delivery of that line, but you know, I’ve always kind of prided myself on being one who tells it like it is :) And truth be told, our time in Lynchburg was a rather lonely time for us socially. I hate to say that—especially when I consider that there are possibly people from Lynchburg (people I really like!) reading this, but nonetheless, we longed for the kind of connection we quickly and effortlessly made with Holly and Jay.

We always have fun together, and I love that Holly is not afraid to ask the hard questions too. I don’t have many people in my life who will look at me and ask me point blank, how my marriage is. But Holly will do that, and I’m thankful for that! She is a wonderful new mama to Joel, a devoted wife to her hubby, Jay, and I hope she knows I love her so!

Back in September, we celebrated baby Joel’s impending arrival at a baby shower for Miss Holly. Mr. Joel and Miss Holland were already getting to know each other!


And now here we are a couple weeks ago with our babes! (Wader-tater was sleeping)

IMG_2332IMG_2334 IMG_2328


Please observe this preciousness! Sweet little Joel wanted to hold his lady friend’s hand!


He was quite interested in this girl playmate of his…

IMG_2339 IMG_2340

Holland played hard to get but finally returned the affection :)


My girl, Alston also paid us a visit recently. Alst is maybe my longest standing friend, and my life story would look quite different were it not for her friendship . We go way back. Like back to the days when we both sported smocked dresses in Sunday School together. We became the best of friends in high school, when we literally spent nearly every waking hour together, between school all day and swim practice before and after school. We swam the same events and were consistently just as fast as the other, so we frequently swam against each other, which was fun and kept us on our toes :) We just had (still have!) such a special friendship, and I truly think of Alston like a sister. I always felt like I could probably say just about anything to her without worrying about what she might think. We’d get mad at each and other and fight like all girls (and sisters!) do, but what I loved so much is that I always knew it would be ok. I think that’s why we never worried too much about what we said to one another. We were like sisters and I love this girl so much!

Now, Alston is recently engaged (congrats again my friend!), and she will likely get married in a place whose name involves the Hamptons. And people, I ain’t talking about the Hampton Inn! I am so excited for her wedding! (I am thinking it will allow Philip and me the chance to pretend as if we actually have active social lives!) Alston lives in New York City, and I always describe her as my friend whose life is like Sex & the City :) Now, she would probably beg to differ that that’s not quite accurate, but she did used to work in fashion, she is extremely stylish and glamorous in my opinion, and she goes to events in NYC that are for things like art museums and such. Our lives probably couldn’t look more different these days, but I love that we will always share this unique and lasting bond.

A year ago she came to visit when I was newly pregnant. We raided my closet (I like to think of her as my stylist), laughed until we literally peed our pants, and went out for dinner and drinks.


This time she was only here for an afternoon, and unfortunately, we didn’t get any pictures together, but I did snap some of her with my little ones.


Wade became a quick fan of Alston when she suggested they watch side-loader garbage truck videos together on YouTube.

IMG_2409 IMG_2411

Thanks for visiting, Holly and Alston! Come again soon!!

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