Friday, July 15, 2011

8 Months

Well, my baby is eight months old folks. And I just might think it's fair to say she's only getting cuter. (of course I am a bit biased...)

Miss Holland continues to delight us with her sweet little personality. She is quite the content little lady, happy to play with whatever toys she sees. Kitchen spoons, containers of baby wipes, a neglected truck, really she is not picky. She has mastered her version of the army crawl, and she can get around rather quickly.

She's also gotten pretty darn good at making it clear to me when she wants to nurse. And speaking of which, can I just say how much I really love breastfeeding? I really mean that. And not just because I'm supposed to love it or something. I honestly really just treasure the fact that I have the ability to instantly soothe (and nourish) my baby from my own body. When we bring Holland into our bed in the early morning hours, it brings me great joy to cuddle her close to me as we nurse. And what a relief it is to know that more often than not, the two of us will both go right back to sleep. Of course breastfeeding may not always be the right choice for everyone, but as for me, I am really, really thankful for the special bond that it gives me and Holland, and I'm not sure we'll stop for quite some time!
{mama got a haircut}

You should see her new "Popeye face." It's hysterical! She literally wrinkles up her nose and mouth and sniffs dramatically with her nose. Hard to explain, so here's a picture to give you a better idea!
Here's another.

I believe this little expression originated when she was playing with her daddy, of whom she is a big fan. She lights up when she sees him and is always so happy to receive his affection.

Holland also just recently cut her first tooth! It's barely poking through, but you better believe her dentist of a daddy made the discovery just as soon as it was there!

{oh those little tiny toes and feet!!!}

I consider myself so blessed that Holland continues to enjoy the different foods we offer her. In the past month, we have added green beans (I was not really expecting it, but she seems to really like them!), carrots, apples, and asparagus. I tell you, the girl has got a nutritious diet--between breast milk, fruits and vegetables, I fear it can only go downhill from here :)

And lest I eat my words, the sleeping seems to be getting a bit better. We've actually been at the beach for the past week (more on that soon!) and I consider it nothing less than an act of God himself that she has slept well here! Truly, my friends, I cannot overstate how deeply grateful I am for this. Stunned, yet grateful!

We sure do love our little babbling 8-month old beauty!


  1. She is so beautiful!! I love her expressions. such a cute age. I also enjoyed breastfeeding.

  2. She's lovely, her eyes and her smile are just wonderful.

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous! Hello bright eyes:-) xoxo

  4. ahh! she is so precious! we must get our little loves together very soon to play!

  5. Beautiful! I cannot belive Holland is 8 months already!


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