Friday, June 10, 2011

House Pictures: Before & After {Master Bedroom}

I’ve spoken before about how interior design has become a little hobby of mine.  Something about being at home during the day and looking at the things around you combined with an ever-growing number of fabulous online sites full of interior eye-candy and inspiration has undoubtedly fostered this interest.  I get quite a bit of delight out of changing things up in our home, and you better believe I get a double dose of delight when those changes are done on the cheap (this is the case 95% of the time!).  It has been so fun to learn from talented design bloggers and the like and find ways to incorporate what I like into my own home.   I really love the process of figuring out how to achieve the look I am after, and as my husband would certainly attest to, the process is really never done :) 

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to post some ‘before and after’ pictures of the different rooms in our house partly for my own records.  This is our first home, and I never want to forget how we’ve made it our own.  I also know how much I enjoy looking at the photos people post of their homes, so perhaps you will enjoy it too.  I hope that these sorts of posts do not come off as arrogant or showy, if those are even the right words?  Our home is modest by most standards, and I have tried to furnish it with affordable yet beautiful things.  I’ll be the first to admit that I probably spend a wee bit too much time thinking on these things, but I also know that God is the One who made us and gives us our interests and passions.  I definitely need God to channel these interests and passions for His glory, that’s for sure.  But nonetheless, I believe that God loves beauty and there is beauty to be found in interiors :)

So without further adieu, here’s a photo of our master bedroom taken the day we first saw our soon-to-be first house (maybe not from the best angle)!


And here it is now:


And from a couple different angles:








And just a few thoughts, cause my brain is always going with these things…I’ve wanted to replace the coverlet with an all white one, just haven’t come across the right thing yet.  I also need a duvet cover for the down blanket.  I could easily make one out of two sheets, but that takes motivation and time, and right now I’m lacking one or both of these.   I originally intended to have a second skirted table on hubby’s side of the bed (the right side) to match mine.  Then, after making the first one, the idea made me feel very tired, and I thought the three-drawer table will work just fine.  It’s about the same height anyway. I do think it’d be better off painted white or greige.  I also think those white lampshades could be fun covered in a fabric…just not really sure what I’d want to go with. 

I’ve definitely had a good time pulling this room together.  It’s mostly a combination of things given to us that we’ve repurposed/painted, craigslist and discount store finds, and things we’ve made.   Oh, and we’ve only lived in our house for three years—so it’s definitely taken me a good long while to feel like it’s anywhere near “finished.” 

Hope you enjoyed the photos!


  1. I love this. Thank you for sharing... I would love to share photos of decorating on my blog as well, and have hesitated for the same reasons... but you are so right. God gifted you with these skills and he also LOVES beauty. Wonderful job!

  2. I love your bedroom makeover. Soo lovely!! Your style is amazing. Can you please tell me where you purchased your gold necklace?? Thanks!! oh in the previous post on the beach.

  3. Rachel, thanks for your kind words! A friend from college actually made that necklace! She's really talented and makes lots of beautiful things; here's the link for the necklace, but unfortunately it looks like its sold out:(

  4. Anne, you have true talent! I love these pictures, what a relaxing and beautiful room. My fav is the green lamp :)

  5. hi anne! what a gorgeous bedroom you have!

    thank you for your comment today. the pics were indeed from VA Beach, and there are beautiful homes built in the 1920's all along the ocean. i am not that familiar with the area, but the boardwalk starts from i belive 1st street, and the homes you saw were off 69th street, which is the area with all the older homes. it is really beautiful and i would live there in a heartbeat!

  6. I had to tell you your style of decorating reminds me of Emily @ jones design company. I love it!! Her blog is one of my favorites. I found you through Urban Grace Interiors, which is also a favorite. Can you please show us more of your decorating?? Thanks!!


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