Monday, August 16, 2010

We love our neighborhood!


Recently, our neighborhood, participated in “National Night Out”, the annual event which essentially seeks to increase crime and drug prevention awareness by fostering community spirit during an evening of food, fun, and games!  It was our first time attending, and we had a great time.  Spending the evening with so many of our neighbors, many of whom have become good friends, was a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are to call this place home right now. 

IMG_0358 IMG_0359
IMG_0362 IMG_0372



The moon bounce was a big hit with the older kids, but Wade preferred to watch the action from outside. 


Our good friend, Leslie tried to give Wade a shot at the real deal, but he wasn’t feeling it.


I am thankful for this very dear neighborhood friend!   Her two boys are older than Wade, but Wade adores them.  I’d love to think that he may grow up and have some memory of these two buddies, some of his first friends. 


I have to show this dude:


and I include the following picture, not because I’d like for you all to see this particularly unflattering picture of yours truly, but because Wade’s expression cracks me up!


For all his growling at every animal under the sun, let’s just say Wade’s bark is much worse than his bite, because he cowered at the Kick-a-Roo (don’t you love the name?  He represents the Richmond Kickers.)

Oh, but we found something that was right up his alley…


A real live fire truck!!!

IMG_0367 IMG_0368
IMG_0369 IMG_0370

And I will leave you with a photo of the four, yes FOUR pregnant women who reside on our block!  We are all due within three months of each other!  What’s equally crazy is that once all the new babies are born, together with their siblings there will be a total of 7 boys on our block and 1 girl, baby girl Worthington!



  1. Cute pregnant ladies. I can't believe how little you look. Does it bother you when people say that? Or rather, when I say that? :)
    I want to see the photos you took of blueberry picking. Want to go again?

  2. um, yes. sorry to be bothersome, but you are really little.

  3. great pics, Anne! thanks for the kind words, too!


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