Monday, August 30, 2010

28 Weeks (+5 days)

Folks, she’s popping out! 


I’d wanted a picture to document baby girl’s and my entrance into the third trimester, so here we are a few days late.   I continue to feel pretty good (I keep saying that this is the easy part, right?  Raising them is the real hard work!).   Aside from heartburn (thankful for the family size bottle of TUMS that lives in my purse!) and the occasional aches and pains, I really can’t complain.   We continue to be excited to meet this little lady and welcome her into our family.  This pregnancy has been flying by, so I know she will be here before we know it!  When asked where baby sister is, Wade has gotten pretty accurate with his pointing to mama’s belly.  I’d love to know what his little mind thinks this question actually means—he probably thinks she’s a body part or something, like another name for tummy maybe? 


  1. Anne, you are so gorgeous! (and so is your house - will you email me some more pictures?) Just when I thought Myles understood where the babies were when I was pregnant, I would ask him and he would point to HIS tummy. Pretty funny. We got him a book called, "I'm A Big Brother!" by Joanna Cole. I'd recommend it. He pretty much memorized it by the time the babies came, and it gave him a comfortable context and reference point for what was going on with newborns. When the babies would cry, for instance, we could say, "Remember, Myles? In your book? 'Babies cry to tell us something - let's see what's the matter.'" Loved catching up the other day!

  2. You look great! And I love the chair in the background...

  3. you look amazing!! I felt like I should have bought stock in TUMS when I was pregnant!!

  4. Anne, you look gorgeous! Glowing!
    My midwife recommended dried papaya for my heartburn and it worked spectacularly! Something about the enzymes helping to break down my food... I just keep munching on it through the day... wonderful! :)
    Sorry for my two cents!
    May God continue to bless.

  5. i loved being pregnant and love seeing others pregnant! said a little prayer for you and that baby girl!
    lots of love,


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