Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching up!

Hey sad little blog, sorry to have been away for so long. I’ve been meaning to share some pictures from long ago when we celebrated Wade’s first birthday at my parent’s house in Lynchburg. It turned out to be a really fun day—some of my extended family were able to be there, and Philip’s parents, as well as Wade’s super fun cousins made the trek down from Northern Va in honor of the little dude (also known as the Slicer, or the Slice, as we have taken to calling him recently. The nickname originated from the term of endearment, ‘homeslice’ . Classy, we know.)

birthday sign

I set out to make Wade a “healthier” birthday cake (quotations are used because upon close inspection of the recipe, I’m not sure it’s too different from your average carrot cake?). This is the recipe I used. (I think the website is pretty neat…it definitely inspired and encouraged me to try to make Wade healthy homemade food….now, we all know Wade hasn’t had the greatest history with food and eating, but nonetheless, the ideas she has are great I think.)

Looking at these photos of the cake with the neon blue icing that screams “artificial!” is an unfortunate reminder that that icing may just have undone any good that I tried to accomplish with a healthier cake…ah well. We were all pleased to see that Wade actually ate a little bit of his cake! (after I eased him into it with a taste of icing from my finger.)

birthday cakechecking out cake
cake on hands going for cake

Group shot of the four cousins. Wade (12 mos), Kate (18 mos), Ben (3 1/2), Abby (18 mos). It’s really fun to have this bunch together, as they’re enjoying each other more and more as they grow.

cousins on the couch

Wade was surrounded by love from so many people!

grammy and poppop with wade great grandmothers
group in living room mimi and wade

Miss Abby bonded with Copper.

copper and abby

Have yall ever seen one of these crazy balls? The thing shakes violently when you turn it on. The kids (and adults) weren’t quite sure what to make of it. Kate looks to be giving it her best shot.

kate with crazy ball

A collaborative musical effort by Wade and Ben.

Wade and Ben

Sweet little face opening his gifts (and boy did he receive some generous gifts!)

wade with gift bag

I love my little birthday boy, and I love it when he’s happy like he is here.

mama and wadesmiling wade

*I can’t believe there aren’t pictures of Wade with his daddy to share! I promise Philip was there, actively participating in the fun! In fact, I think he was busy entertaining the cousins for much of the pictures…Didn’t want you all to think he wasn’t there!!

Here’s proof:

Philip, Joan, cousins

Wade waves bye-bye to his guests! Thanks for coming everyone!!

wade says bye bye


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