Thursday, January 21, 2010

He has a cup

This morning Wade had a great time in the nursery at Mother's Together (a weekly Bible study for mothers I attend). The nursery workers commented on how much fun he'd had, and I could tell when I picked him up that he was just so happy. It did my heart some kinda good to see that.

We've been working really hard recently to get Wade to accept his sippy cup, so I took it with us to Mother's Together. Being new to all of this, I hadn't thought to label it, but I did ask the workers to try and offer it to him. When I collected his things to leave, I saw his little cup with his name taped on it, and I had a little jolt of joy run through me. (Maybe it was in part because we had been talking about this very sort of experience during Mother's Togther earlier in the morning.) It just kind of hit me in a new way that yes, I have a little boy who has a little cup with his name on it. He's growing up and figuring things out and we're going to be ok. Actually, better than ok. I'm thankful that God uses everyday experiences like this to remind me of how blessed I am to call this little boy my son.

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  1. You should print this for him to keep in a scrapbook.


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