Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blogger Help

Would any of you kind readers (who also use or are familiar with blogger) be willing to share your tips and tricks for blogging with me?? I was working on a post that involved a lot of pictures and rather than pull my hair out and upset my family by screaming from frustration, I thought I'd do the mature thing and ask for help :) Dragging pictures around takes forever and I don't really understand how to easily manipulate them around the post. I'd be so grateful for any help!! Thanks in advance!!!


  1. Hey Anne... blogger drives me crazy too with weird spacing issues and moving the pics around!!! I have since started using windows live writer (you can download it for free) and it is much much easier to use! You don't have weird spacing issues, and you can just copy and paste pictures directly into the post. Then you click on "publish" and it will send it directly to your blog.

  2. Heidi--thanks so much for this tip. I will have to try windows live writer!


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