Friday, July 24, 2009

A fun-loving guy

A lot of people have observed that Wade is very serious. Some have inquired about his frequently furrowed brow. A few have suggested that he may be gravely concerned about the economy. There is some truth to this theory. Despite my advice to the contrary, Wade put nearly 90% of his IRA in GM stock, largely due to his affinity for the GMC Jimmy. He loves cars named after people.

But all that aside, I wanted everyone to know that occasionally Wade does cut loose. He enjoys a good time just as much as the next guy. Here is some visual evidence. In this video Wade performs one of his favorite activities. I call it the "Godzilla."

Usually he brings the animals to his mouth like a giant mutant lizard eating his prey, but he did not comply this time. I think we all had some fun, though.

Please accept my apologies for the amateur nature of the video. We do not have a tripod, so I had to surreptitiously perch the camera on the edge of the crib. The Godzilla requires me to have both hands free for spotting. Plus, Wade tenses up when he knows he's on camera. Fortunately the mobile avoided any permanent damage.

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