Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's starting to feel more real...

Holy cow, people.  We just found out where we're moving, and now this whole thing is starting to sink in.  I've been meaning to post about our rankings, but now I should probably just as well share what we learned this morning!

Or maybe I'll just let Adam Duritz tell you.

Please tell me someone knows someone or something about this place?! :)


  1. Anne one of my best friends lives in Omaha! His names is James Prusch and he is on staff at a church there and he and his wife, Carly, just had their first baby. James' blog can be found here: http://jamespruch.wordpress.com/

    email me if you want me to pass your info along to them. andrew.eppes@gmail dot com

  2. No way! Omaha, huh? That will be an quite an experience for sure!!! It really is right smack in the middle of America. I had to look at a map to even know exactly where it was. Excited for the next chapter in the Worthington's adventures.....

  3. SOOOO glad you have this blog so I can keep up with you all! I will miss having you here, Anne.

  4. Whoa! Omaha! Middle America, here you come. I'm so excited to see what Omaha holds for my favorite Worthingtons....I'll be thinking about y'all over the next few days as you process your big news:)

  5. I have a very good friend from college who lives in Omaha with her husband and two little boys. I'd love to connect you guys...I'll get her info to you!

  6. Good luck w/ your move. I can't wait to see your new home.


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