Tuesday, October 25, 2011

11 Months

As per usual, I’m way late in posting about Holland’s eleventh month.  I’m here in better-late-than-never fashion to tell you about it, because before I know it, my little one will be having a birthday!  Holy smokes, where has the time gone?

My girl is changing so much.  This month, I’ve been so amazed at her verbal development.  She’s started to say “Amen” when she anticipates that we’re almost done praying (so cute!), I’m pretty sure she said “doggie” when she greeted one (they are her very favorite, after all!) and “byeeee”  when we walked away!  She’s waving bye-bye and saying “hiiii” more consistently too; I’m pretty sure my girl is quite the extrovert and just can’t keep her excitement to herself when she meets new people!  She also loves to say “uh-oh”, but we keep telling her it doesn’t count as an uh-oh when you throw something down on purpose…




I believe Miss Holland may have been trying to show off some of her pearly whites in this picture.  This month, she finally cut her third tooth.  I’m pretty sure we’ve blamed teething for any and everything for oh, I don’t know, the past three months?  Now, at long last we have a tooth to show for it! 


Bath time fun with brother.  The pictures below really sum up this activity in our house these days…Wade thinks it’s the best thing ever to spray Holland with water from his squeeze bottle (notice she has one as well, got to keep things even!).  Quite a few bathing experiences have been cut short for big brother due to this offense!IMG_5329

And bath time for Miss Thang has been cut short because the child is intent on standing up in the tub!


More proof of my cute little dude’s bath time antics:


Who knows, maybe she will follow in her daddy’s footsteps?


Guess who’s pushing the ol’ fire truck these days?!



At one point, Holland let go of the fire truck and stood by herself for a few seconds!  So exciting!  As much as I’m sure life will get even crazier when she’s walking, I’m looking forward to the fact that hopefully her clothes will be spared some abuse!  These days, Holland crawls all over the place and loves to be outside just like her brother.  I’m convinced she’s intent on destroying her precious clothes her mama loves so much, as she’s about to wear holes in them!  I suppose I should dress her a little more casually, but I just can’t get enough of the really girly clothes :)



This next one is one of my very favorites pictures of her!


This month Holland developed a new passion:  climbing up and down (yes, down!) the stairs.  This is probably her favorite thing to do, and I wish you could see her in action!  We are amazed that after turning her around a couple times when she approached the top of the stairs, she caught right on that she must go down backwards!  It’s adorable, and the funniest part is that she’ll do this same move whenever she approaches anything that remotely resembles a downhill slope!  Slight decline in the space between two adjoining rooms?  Holland has undoubtedly turned around to go backwards as she crosses the threshold :)


Just stopping to appreciate the flowers.


Oh, how I love her!


It really seems like just yesterday my  Wader-tater was the one riding and pushing that fire truck and now look what a big guy he is!


I love this next set of Holland discovering the joy of balls! (please also note our swiffer propped up against the sofa.  At least I am making an effort to clean?)


What a happy girl! 


  1. Aahh, I too was thinking that just yesterday it seemed like Wade was the one pushing the fire truck. Can't believe it!

    And my pictures all seem to have piles of unfolded laundry or stacks of laundry yet to be put away in the background. :)

  2. She is precious. She seems so happy. Love all her outfits. Wade is adorable too!! Thanks for sharing those cute photos.

  3. i would like to enroll anna in the worthington school of stair climbing, please :)

  4. I think my favorite picture of her is the last one. Oh my!

  5. What two precious little blessings you have Anne! Loving the pictures and I totally agree, where has the time gone?!


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