Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday X 3

Pictured below are the two people Wade is most often told he resembles.

These two also just celebrated special days--my dad's birthday was yesterday, and Philip's birthday is today! {my dad would probably want you all to know they he looks a little shaggy in this picture because he'd just gotten off of an extremely long flight home from Argentina!} I hope they both know how so very thankful I am for them and the special role they play in my life. They both put up with a lot from me :) and they've also both obviously had a crucial role in shaping me. I am blessed to call them my dad and my husband.

Birthdays kinda stress me out because gift-giving just does not come naturally to me, but yet I really want the people I'm celebrating to feel loved. This generally equals stress and me feeling like a failure in loving them. (It also doesn't help that I'm married to an extremely thoughtful man who is never short on creative gift ideas!) All that to say, Happy Birthday Dad and Philip--I love you both very much!!

And there's one more birthday I can't forget: Uncle G!

{clearly neither Philip nor I had anything to do with Graham's choice of clothing...}

This guy is also very, very special. He turns 19 on Monday, and I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge (with gratitude) the fact that he has had a tremendous role in shaping who I am as well. He is hilarious, smart, stubborn, caring, and so very unique. It is a privilege to be his big sister. Graham and Wade have a very special relationship too, which has just been so heartwarming to watch. Wade calls him "G", and he says it with such excitement, it sounds like "Geeeeee!!!" They play trains and cars together, shoot baskets together, read books together, and Wade just generally finds Graham so entertaining (very understandable in fact). Philip and I hope they'll always share this special bond. Happy Birthday, Graham! We love you buddy!

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