Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summertime bounty and a foreshadowing of things to come?

I am so happy to report that our humble little garden has produced some beautiful tomatoes.

These little yellow guys:


And this was our first slicing tomato (forgive the fact that the tomato is out of focus; I’m still figuring out how to take advantage of all the fun features on our new camera):


As for the second part of this post’s title…

Last week Philip, Wade, and I stayed in Lynchburg while my parents travelled to Argentina to visit my globe-trotting brother, Taylor.  We had a lovely time, and while we were there, one of our top priorities was meeting the newest member of the extended Blanks family, precious little Nolan Wingfield (born to my first cousin Carter and his wife Megan)!  Philip captured some shots of me holding Nolan and Wade, and well, let’s just say Wade made sure I didn’t forget about him :)  I wonder if this is a little taste of what we’re in for this fall…

IMG_0267 IMG_0268 IMG_0269
IMG_0270 IMG_0271 IMG_0272
IMG_0273 IMG_0274  IMG_0275


And here’s a sweet shot of the second cousins together:



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