Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank Goodness for Smart People

I don't know who invented this little gadget, but it is the reason why my son has now consumed something other than breast milk. Early attempts to introduce Wade to solids proved futile, as he quickly taught Mom and Dad that no spoon would enter his mouth, thank you very much. He clamped his little mouth shut as soon as he saw me coming with the spoon. Cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, pears, avocado, we tried it all. (He did eat several spoonfuls of peaches on one random occasion) Honestly, I don't think he really even tasted many of these foods, as they never actually made it into his mouth.

But now things are looking up. Thanks to this little ring-pop style feeder that our dear friend, Harmony, suggested we try. (Thanks, Harmony! We are indebted to you for this one!) In case it isn't obvious from the picture above, you simply add any food to the mesh "bag," clamp it shut, and your child can happily suck on the thing, oblivious to the fact that they are actually EATING FOOD! DOING THE THING THEY THOUGHT THEY HATED! Of course I'm glad my little guy is getting some wholesome nourishment in the form of organic sweet potatoes, but I also have to admit I had a "gotcha!" moment when he started chowing down. It felt like such a victory for the parentals!

I spy smeared 'taters on the wader-tater's face!

Here Wade can be found clutching his favorite toy. It's a circle with a picture of a realistic-looking duck on it. Sounds exhilarating, huh? The fact that this is his favorite toy really baffles us. It came as one of the attachments on his Baby Einstein Activity Gym, and he just adores it.

Check him out in an outfit sewn and smocked by his Mimi for one of his uncles many moons ago.

On a side note, to all you readers who pray: please pray for me and Wade. We are spending next week in Lynchburg, where I'll be taking care of Graham (my little brother who has special needs and is very challenging) and Wade by myself. I don't feel that I'm particularly full of the patience potion these days, and I'll be needing about 5x the usual amount next week!!! Not to mention the fact that Wade has historically not adapted well to spending nights away from home...

We'll let you know how the week goes!

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  1. Hi Anne, Your son Wade is sooooooooo cute! It's wonderful that you're documenting so many special moments. What a cutie pie! Thanks so much for the informaion on Natural Area Rugs - I'm going to call them today! And our dining cabinet is a piece from England, but which we found in a nearby antique store. It had oriental-style pulls on the drawers, which I switched out for the Eastlake. Thanks for stopping by, love your comments! ; ) Trina


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