Friday, May 8, 2009

This and That

Uncle G came for a visit!

Auntie Mary Katherine snuggles with Wader.

Auntie Meriwether came for a visit and also got in some snuggle-time.

Happy baby!

Self portrait of mama and her little dude.

Byrd Park playdate! Youngest to oldest (L to R).

Philip and his buddy Zach do some chain link fence demolition in preparation for our new fence's installation! More pictures to come...

Here comes Santa Claus! (notice how daddy conveniently attached Wade's toys to his outfit, so as to be sure he wouldn't misplace them.)

The Bumbo makes its mixed reviews from the Wadster.

Mimi comes to town! Is that not a beautiful grandma?

Clutching a toy!


  1. haha. Wade looks like he doesn't know what to think of that machine that flashes (camera). He's getting so big!And, Mimi is so very beautiful.

  2. LOVE the pics!!...his expressions are adorable!...can't wait to see him sometime soon!


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