Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Improvements

Wade is now six weeks old, and it seems that I am marking the occasion by getting back to my old ways. That is, my old ways of painting and taking on various household projects that I have just been itching to start and/or complete. Call me crazy for taking on this sort of thing with a newborn around, but I can't help myself. I don't know what it is...I am thinking maybe it allows me to feel that I have brought order into an otherwise chaotic space, but I absolutely love the process of taking something that is a bit rough around the edges (our house, in this case) and bringing new life to it through paint. I'm actually not artistic at all, but perhaps it's just that age-old redemptive story of making things new that I crave :)

Most recently, I painted our fireplace. Here is a before and after photo. You can't tell from the "before" picture, but it had paint splatters all over it. I love it painted because I think it helps bring light into our north-facing and not particularly bright living room.

We also just got plantation shutters installed in our living room windows. I am obsessed with them! I just want to stare at them all day. They are just so classy. I often times second guess my design choices, but this I am so glad we did.

Wade's room is perhaps the most put-together room in the whole house. (I'm sure he is so relieved.) A very talented lady who I am lucky to call my mama made the crib skirt herself! You can't see it in this photo, but it matches the fabric on the rocker in which Mr. Wade is reclining.

Speaking of this talented woman, her most recent endeavor is possibly the most impressive yet. The picture below is of our dining room, and folks, Mama Blanks is responsible for those window treatments! I am so envious of her skills! She had never made roman shades before, and look at them! I so want to learn to sew--when I watch her do it, I feel as though she is speaking a foreign language I desperately want to understand! Thank you Mom!!

Lastly, here's a photo of the little dude this morning (because most of you probably couldn't care less about our house projects and only read this blog to see Wade). He was giving his mama big-time smiles that I tried to capture on film. The picture just does not do his adorableness justice.

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  1. Obviously we love to read the updates on Wade, but feel free to post house pictures too (inside and out)! I'm nosy and I like design, so I love to see inside other people's homes! The work looks great so far, and you're right, your mom is one talented lady!!

    ps--While in Lburg a few weekends ago, I saw your dad's NYL sign. Did you know that I work for 2 NYL agents now? Crazy!


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