Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This Little Guy

Ever since Wade Philip Worthington joined our family nearly four weeks ago, our lives have become much more interesting. So interesting, in fact, that we decided his entrance warrants our starting a blog where we can share the many adventures of the Worthington family of three.

In this inaugural post, I thought I would document some of our growing boy's likes and dislikes, because let me assure you, he may be new and small, but the child knows how he feels about things. Currently, he is a big fan of the following: breast milk, being held (preferably up on mom or dad's shoulder or chest), looking at the various brightly colored objects that hang from his activity mat and/or mobile when he is forced to live outside of his parent's arms, baths, loud constant noises such as static radio stations and vacuum cleaners, and being "worn" on mom or dad in the Ergo Baby Carrier. He is not so keen on: not being held, sleeping for long periods of time, any kind of swinging/gliding system that is intended to soothe a baby, having his clothes changed, the evening hours of the day when mom and dad are trying to eat dinner.

Both Wade and his daddy are enthralled by the activity mat.

Philip was able to study and keep the baby happy at the same time! Such satisfaction!

Here was a lower point of the past week. Wade would not settle down to sleep, so we got a bit desperate. In this photo, the vacuum was on and Philip was manually pushing the swing as its automatic options were not vigorous enough for Wade's liking.

As I said, he does not care for this sort of contraption.

In the interest of ending on a positive note, here's Wade enjoying his first real bath. Seeing as how he HATED sponge baths, both mama and baby were thrilled that he enjoyed a tub bath.

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  1. Anne,
    Your little guy is SO cute!!
    I assure you, as you probably have heard a lot, that it gets tons better. You have to believe it during this time! One day (in the not too distant future) he will sleep and enjoying playing outside your arms. Until then sleep when you can and know things will change.
    I love the blog! I'm so happy for you guys! He truly is adorable.
    love, katy shonka


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