Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Little Wahoo

Last week Wade attended his first of what will probably be many (if his father has anything to say about it) UVa sporting events. Unsure of whether or not we were violating some sort of new parent ethic by taking a not-quite-three weeks old infant to a loud and potentially overwhelming arena, we went for it and took him to the UVa v. VT basketball game. Amazingly, he did great! He slept through the first half, which is pretty hard to believe if you consider how loud an indoor basketball game is. You don't really think about the volume until you're holding a little one in the midst of it all, but let me assure you, it is LOUD. On second thought, I suppose it's not that surprising that he slept through the madness given his appreciation for vacuums and whatnot. For the second half, he was alert and very content to look around at all the people and lights. His pleasant demeanor got us thinking maybe we should take him to late-night basketball games more often...

And yes, we realize how easy it is to make fun of us for dressing up our newborn in prepster clothes. But we just couldn't resist breaking out the UVa onesie (the popped collar is a nice touch, don't you think?) and his still-too-big khaki pants. I mean, is he not deliciously cute?

Wade must have been a lucky charm too because our beloved Cavaliers beat the Hokies in a very exciting game! Go Hoos!!

Daddy was so proud of his budding Wahoo fan!

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