Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching up: Holland’s Baptism

First off, thank y’all so much for all your feedback (and votes!) on our selection process and upcoming move!  It has really been so helpful to hear what people have to say about the various locations.  We *think* we’ve got our list fairly nailed down (but you can still keep voting!), and guess what?  Our number 1 pick actually changed in part based on what y’all had to say!  But more on that later. 

Things are going to be a bit out of order as I do some catching up on the blog.  I can’t wait to share pictures from our recent beach trip, but there are approximately 10 million of them, and there are a slightly more manageable number of photos from Holland’s baptism (which occurred at the end of July), so I’m going to start there. 

I should also probably disclose that I’d had a fair amount of anxiety leading up to this day.  I am admittedly a rather idealistic person, and while that can sometimes be a strength of mine, it is often times the thorn in my side that keeps me from experiencing the kind of joy I want to know.  My hopes and visions for how things should  be in my mind can trump the very goodness that exists before me.  So, if you’re following where this may lead, I really wanted Holland’s baptism day to be special.  I wanted to celebrate her life and God’s goodness to us, and I just wanted it to be a memorable day.  When Wade was baptized, we had a really wonderful gathering of friends and family at our home afterwards, and I wanted something similar for Holland.  Due to a variety of circumstances, this was just not looking very feasible, and that was really bothering me.  We had actually scheduled and cancelled her baptism twice before (!) already.  I had prayed and asked the Lord to bless the day and to give me great joy in it, and I’m thankful to tell you that God was faithful and it was a blessed day indeed.  I knew in my head that baptism itself was the true festival; my heart was slower to see that the real celebration was the thing we sought to celebrate.  And while parties and gatherings are lovely for sure, I didn’t need that for the day to be complete.


{notice how relaxed Holland looks?  That’s because she’s actually asleep!  Of course this would be the day the little booger barely napped at all and finally conked out on her Mimi during the beginning of the service!}


Needless to say, she was not pleased to be transferred out of my arms and doused with cold water on her head!


My dad held the bowl of water.  I love his expression. 


I actually also love Holland’s expression too.  Why you might ask? (clearly, she looks rather unhappy!)  I once heard someone describe how beautiful and telling it actually is to watch a baby being baptized when they are crying and upset by the experience.  It’s beautiful because it’s such a picture of our own hearts as we are sought after and loved by Christ.  We often go kicking and screaming in a sense, fighting for our own way, our own will be done (not Christ’s, goshdarnit!)  But Jesus is the ultimate pursuer who will not give up seeking those He loves.  He comes to claim us for Himself, and while we don’t believe Holland’s baptism “saved” her soul, we do believe that God’s covenantal mercy extends to families.  In essence, we baptize her because God tells us to do it, and we believe baptism marks Holland as one of His own.  We eagerly wait for the day when Holland will confess Christ as her savior for herself!  May she know Him and receive his mercy and love at an early age. 



See that look she’s giving me?  A mama’s girl, she is.

My sweet babe remained quite calm (given that her nap was interrupted with water!) as our pastor walked her down the aisle while our congregation sang “Jesus Loves Me” to her.  Definitely one of those moments you wish you could freeze.


We were honored to have Philip’s parents and our two sweet nieces, Abby and Kate join us, as well as my parents, and my brothers Taylor and Graham. 



I considered it nothing less than a measure of God’s goodness that there was a Church-wide potluck dinner already scheduled for after the service.  It was held at our friends, the Blanchard’s, and it was really lovely to be able to spend time with our church family following such a special occasion. 

Holland was first starting to enjoy holding onto furniture right about here…


And not to worry, her big brother had fun too.


How thankful we are for God’s goodness to us through these, our precious children.  What a joy it was to celebrate through baptism, God’s promises to love and redeem His children!


  1. love love LOVE this. thanks for sharing, anne. your words and pictures are both so dear. (and i am still obsessed with your hair!)

  2. Wonderful post Anne! What a blessing for me to read!

  3. What a fabulous post! And what a fabulous day for your family!


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