Saturday, May 21, 2011

My baby is 6 months old!

We’ve been at the beach for the past week (hence the lack of blogging), and right before we left little Miss Holland turned six months old! I can hardly believe it! Really. It blows my mind that I have a six month old.


And I have a ridiculously precious one at that :)


Seriously, this girl is cute. We rarely meet a stranger who doesn’t comment on her big, blue eyes. She gives the most beautiful smiles too—often times to her brother, she is one of his biggest fans (and he is hers too!). It has been so neat for Philip and me to observe these little siblings begin to play with one another—they seem to almost already have their own little language. Wade will give Holland a high-pitched little call, and she’ll flirt right back. It is dear to watch!

IMG_2886 IMG_2884 IMG_2885

{do you spy that little hand giving his sister an increasing number of toys to play with? Holland’s doting big brother is always trying to pile toys on top of her!}

Holland is truly a delightful little baby, with the exception of maybe when you are trying to get her to sleep…(more on that later). She still loves to play in her exersaucer and will happily entertain herself there for extended amounts of time. She also delights in rolling all over the place. Just as soon as we have placed her on her play-mat on the floor, she is moving! Her rolling is pretty effective at moving her quite a ways from her starting position. She is happiest when she is able to do this while gumming a toy of choice :) Holland has a favorite little doll that makes that great crinkly sound when you handle it—this is always sure to keep her happy.


{The photo above proves just how much she likes to roll. Of course I placed her in the bouncy seat in the correct position (perhaps failing to buckle her in…oops), and she flipped herself right on over!}

I should point out that I picked up the Mother-of-the-Year award this month when I caught my sweet little love as she was rolling off her changing table (she did not hit the floor, but it was a near miss!). Note to self: do not turn your back for even a second, even if it’s to tickle a rambunctious toddler!!

IMG_2919 IMG_2930 IMG_2933IMG_2939 IMG_2935

{while not done at this particular time in defiance of sleep, do you see what I mean?! She is wild!!}

This was an exciting month in the milestone department, as Holland found her feet! It was Easter Sunday actually, and I went to check on her sleeping in her carseat (we’d transferred her to a bedroom), and I found her awake playing with her toes. She loves to snack on them, and I do believe this is one of the cutest things ever. She also got to experience the swings at the park for the first time this month. This is one of her brother’s favorite activities, and while she did seem to like it, she was quite sleepy at the time. She actually fell asleep swinging, bless her little heart.


The only bone I would like to pick with my daughter centers around the trouble she continues to have with going to sleep. Once she’s asleep, she’s a decent napper/night-sleeper; it’s the getting there that she fights so very hard! Philip pretty accurately described this process when he said it’s like “taming a wild beast.” If girlfriend doesn’t want to go to sleep (which is most of the time), she will scream and flop and roll all over that crib of hers in defiance of sleep. Ah, if babies only knew how great they had it—people want them to sleep during the day, and the longer they sleep, the happier everyone is! Can you imagine?! We’re pretty sure she is mostly just mad and doesn’t want to be separated from her mama (or her daddy—she has grown quite fond of him as of late!). This fact was evidenced recently when Philip went to check on her since she’d been screaming in her bed for a while. It was dark, so he leaned into the crib to see if her eyes were closed (which would suggest that she was at least trying to get to sleep). Once he got close enough, would you like to know what happened? Holland laughed at him! My goodness, our little drama queen apparently has us wrapped right around her little finger, no? I think she got her flair for drama honestly though. My parents would tell you that I could always “turn it on” and “turn it off” in a similar fashion…I suppose it’s payback time…


Nevertheless, this little sugar lump is so very dear to our hearts! Happy Six-month birthday, Holland!


  1. Anne,
    She's simply GORGEOUS!
    I'll be praying about the sleep...

  2. Ahhhh... payback for drama. Yes. I can relate. Sigh.

  3. Oh, I just LOVE her! I love the 3rd picture of her in her crib where she is looking up and you can see her lovely lashes. OH, what a sweet girl!

  4. I feel a cavity coming on looking at Miss Sweet Thing. Rest assured you aren't biased - she is BEAUTIFUL! Happy 1/2 birthday Holland!

  5. She is just darling. Love her. I am convinced that some kids (like mine, and perhaps little Miss Holland) hold their eyes open until the instant they fall asleep. There is no "trying" to fall asleep in this house, only fighting until their little bodies just shut down.


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