Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scoopin’ and Poopin’ and Peekin’, Oh My!

Sorry, is the title a bit much?  It’ll make sense when you read on…and I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds! (I gotta keep it interesting over here at A Word from the Worthingtons, you know.)  It’s fun if you read it to the tune of “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my…”  See? Wasn’t that fun?

Wade had a great time scooping and digging from a tub I filled with dried rice and beans.  He especially loved hiding (and finding) Noah, a small wooden figurine from a Noah’s Ark collection of his.  (Noah is nowhere to be found in these pictures though; I think he was buried.) 


Try as I may to remain calm and unfazed by the rice that rather quickly began to spill out onto my floor, I’ve since relegated this here tub downstairs for basement play…

IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2236

{And yes, I did give myself a heck of a lot of creative mama points for this one!  Ha!  I actually got the idea from friends far more creative than I, but nonetheless I was happy Wade appreciated my efforts :) }

Oh, and where was I?  Oh, poopin, that’s right!


I told you it wasn’t as bad as you might imagine.  This picture (which cracks me up) is merely to document the fact that Wade has some sort of interest in his potty, though he hasn’t come near it without his clothes on, so who knows when he’ll actually use it? 

Oh, and looking at this picture, I’m thinking some of you may be wondering, what in the world is that thing with the giant tube next to Wade?  That’s our diaper sprayer, which works wonders on our cloth diapers when poopin’ does occur around here! (don’t you just love how I keep incorporating this theme into this post?!  Oh my, what has my life become?  I write about scooping and pooping?!)

As for the peeking, it just so happened that both Wade and Holland have been found doing some of this!


{sweet girl keeping warm next to her daddy=love}


{I spy a Wader-tater!}

Ok, moving on from anything related to the aforementioned verbs, here are some pictures of my youngins during our most recent stay at Mimi and Papa’s house.

IMG_2254IMG_2265  IMG_2262

{I think Holland actually may have been amused by Wade’s antics in the above photo!  I think there’s a smile hiding behind my long-haired boy’s head!}

IMG_2269 IMG_2266  {I mainly love this one because of the expression on Wade’s face.   For some reason, I think he looks like he’s proud of her.  Such a sweet big brother he is.}


Ok, back to the grind of scooping and pooping over here!  (clearly, I need to get out more!)


  1. I've thought of giving my kids a rice bin, but I can't bear the thought of the mess. That and I'm fairly certain my kids would be throwing rice by the handful. :)

  2. Most laid-back mama ever...I'd be all, "Don't get rice on the carpettttt!"


  3. Anne, I just LOVE the pictures of your little ones together. Precious!


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