Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy One Week Birthday, Holland!

Oh my sweet girl, how I love you so. You have enriched our lives greatly in the week that you have been with us. Of course we are taking pictures of you like it’s going out of style. In most of the pictures there’s a theme: you are sleeping (your daddy calls you a professional sleeper! You even sleep great at night!! We don’t know if or how long this will last, but for now, it’s a gift for which we’re grateful!) and you’re being held. I find such joy in holding you; I really don’t want to put you down! May you always know how loved you are.


MiMi brought these beautiful flowers to celebrate your arrival!


She even grew these roses in her backyard!!


Daddy made this for mama for breakfast one morning, and it was de-lish!


Like a little cherub sleeping so peacefully!


I’m pretty sure this was a yawn and not a yell!


Red wine is good for mama and baby, I’m convinced :)



When MiMi is in town, the camera is always rolling! We just can’t get enough pictures of you.



IMG_1275 IMG_1283


I love your “sleep smiles”—they get me excited for what it will be like when you really smile!


Your big brother Wade loves you so much too! He likes to imitate the little puppy-dog squeaky sounds you make. Knowing how much he enjoys a good swing, he thought you’d appreciate a little push in your swing!


I think you are just perfect (your MiMi agrees).


The leaves are also just about perfect around our house right now.




Our friends the Peters came to visit you and to bring us a wonderful meal. What a blessing. (you slept through it, but they didn’t take it personally. We told them sleeping is what you do.)


And here we all are :) It's a sweet life, my girl, and we are so glad you're ours.


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  1. I like your beard matches my hair. I guess that's one of the signs of having a child men like to change something about themselves physically. Hope you guys are doing well. I still can't believe we haven't seen you since before Wade was born :(


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