Sunday, September 26, 2010

Please Pardon My Absence

Sorry to have left you all without any fun, new tales of adventure from the Worthingtons here recently. I have been struck down for the past couple weeks with one heck of a sinus infection that will JUST NOT LET UP. Ah, the pregnant nose. Having been fortunate enough to have evaded these dreaded beastly infections until now, I was trying to hang on in hopes it would clear itself up on its own. I sought out some au naturale suggestions for treatment, but probably not soon enough. I think I came a little late to the game in learning about these little bizarre gems known as neti pots. Have you all heard of them? In case you too have been left in the dark, I found a little video that shows you what they do, because who doesn't love a good nasal cleaning on a Sunday morning?

I will add to the video that I have learned it's all about the tilt. You have got to tilt your head just the right way or the liquid will flow into your mouth (trust me, you will thank me if you do in fact try this) I actually think that if I had started this process when I first felt the infection coming on, I may have been able to nip it in the bud, because these little guys really do help clear you out!

Ironically, I actually didn't even know that I had a sinus infection; I thought I had a really severe toothache. So, off I went to see my dentist. You all know my dentist, right? We have a very special relationship :) In fact, here is a photo from a previous visit I made to see my dentist.

So he got me in right away! I was just sure they were going to have to extract a tooth the thing hurt so bad! After my nerves performed quite strangely on diagnostic tests (basically I wasn't responding to the feeling of electrical current on my tooth), an endodontist was brought in. He suggested that while it was possible that the source of my problem was my needing a root canal (um, hello? I have never even had a filling!!), I most likely had a sinus infection! So there you go!

Well, in the interest of drawing out this story about my nasal passages even longer, I will tell you what happened next: Many days of woe followed. There was much, MUCH pain in my jaw, head, sinuses, you name it. Chewing food was not appealing (so I got to know Smoothie King in a new way). My midwife and I discussed my going on an antibiotic, which if this were pregnancy #1, I probably would have been just fine with, but seeing as how I have a little one with a whole host of confusing allergies, we are trying to play it really safe with what I put in my body. So, I waited. Thought the cold was better and we were on our way to health! However, my jaw still hurt everday. We entertained the thought of the pain being a side effect of TMJ syndrome. (recent dental x-rays have revealed that I apparently now grind my teeth at night...never used to do that...sad that life is more stressful now I guess?) I thought I might go visit my dentist again (I like excuses to do that) to have a mouth guard made. But then I felt like ANOTHER cold was coming I broke down and asked for the antibiotic. Have been on it for a couple days...there is still the dreaded jaw pain happening (and other cold symptoms of which I will spare you the graphic details). I am praying I start to feel better soon!

And now I would like to thank the three of you that read that. You are probably regretting the last several minutes of your life you just wasted reading about my nasal passages. I promise my next post will not leave you feeling this way (well, maybe it will, but I will try my best.)


  1. Oh, so sorry to hear about you not feeling good! That is just the pits, and put that on top of a pregnancy, yeah, NO THANKS!! On a lighter note, THANK YOU for the recent surprise gift in the mail. Jay loves his new book (we've read it over and over and over and over...) and the outfit and toy for David are just plain adorable. Wish we lived closer so we could enjoy some good coffee cake, tea, and a wonderful chat. This will have to suffice for now, I guess. Much Love, Mindy (Matt, Jay, & David, too!)

  2. hey anne! i DID get your message even on my old post--thanks for leaving it and glad to "meet" you! thanks for visiting my blog and come again? i like yours too!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Being pregnant and sick and chasing a toddler is definitely no fun at all. I am so sorry you are dealing with all of this. Hopefully by now you are on the mend or have a team of sweet helpers there to take care of your every need!
    And congrats on baby girl. Not sure of your due date, but I hope and pray that the rest of the pregnancy is smooth and sinus infection free. Hugs-Lindsey

  4. So it looks as though there are at least four of us who read your blog! :)
    I hope you start feeling better. And did you get my message about a meal? I want to bring one...
    Let me know when you get home.

  5. Annie Blanks Worthington! Long time no see! Stumbled onto your blog recently and love it. I, too, am expecting a little one to come along in November, and strangely enough, just spent a couple weeks right there with ya on the sinus infection front. The neti pot is my new best friend. Anyways, I am so excited for you and Philip and Wade to have a new baby sister! So fun. Take good care of yourself--and shoot me an e-mail sometime ( with an update! Lots of love to you....

  6. Oh man. Being sick and super pregnant is no fun. I hope you are feeling better by now. I know that's tough, especially with another little one to run after.
    I hope you guys are doing great! It's fun to get to keep up with you through your blog. I love reading it :)


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