Friday, June 11, 2010

Wade’s Big News

Have y’all heard Wade’s big news?

He is walking!! He really took off about two weeks ago after church. It was the neatest moment…about a third of the church was gathered near the entrance (where Wade was hanging out) to the building, and all of the sudden, my little man just let go of his daddy’s leg and took off! He has a total Frankenstein walk going on, and it is the cutest thing! He started walking and wouldn’t stop! He made turns, went down a step, up and down a ramp…he was all over the place, and we were so proud :)

This video clip is a little over a week old. He is much more proficient now, but I wanted to capture the early walking!

Oh, and Wade has some other news too…are you ready?



Yes, he is going to be a big brother! Oh goodness, are we excited (and thankful!), but boy are we terrified too…Wade is precious to me, and I am loving being with him more and more as he grows, but I think it’s been fairly clear through this blog, that this past year and a half has not been particularly easy. I have to admit that there is a part of me that wants to believe that the challenges we’ve faced have prepared us for whatever the Lord may bring with baby #2. At least that is my prayer. We are due in mid-November, which puts me at just over 17 weeks! I have been meaning to tell you guys about our news, but you know I am just not the greatest blogger :)

The above pictures suggest that Wade is excited about his new role, right? Well, here he is when we first told him the news:


I think he looks a bit confused here :)…which I can understand…we were actually all a tad bit shocked by the news!

And then there was our first attempt at a photo shoot with his big brother shirt…


Bless his heart, he was worn out and ready for bed here. I don’t think it would be right to blame his mood on his new sibling :)

Thanks for sharing in our excitement with us! Of course, we’d love your prayers too…for our baby’s and my health and for our little family as we prepare to grow!


  1. I figured from the title Wade would either be walking or a big brother. I didn't think it would be BOTH!! Mega congratulations all around!

  2. HOORAHHHHHHHHHH! So fun! Congrats to y'all on all of your fun news!! :) (will you find out gender?)

  3. His hair looks really blonde! Maybe I just never really noticed before. Congrats on the big news! YAY!


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