Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thankful for dads

Today I’m thankful for my own father, for the affirming, supportive, and encouraging role he has always held in my life.  I have never once doubted that my dad thinks I’m pretty great and capable of anything to which I set my mind.  I know that I can look to him for support and guidance, but I also know that he respects me as an adult and fully embraces the fact that I have my  own family now.  This is such a blessing.  Dad, thank you for always believing in me.   I love you very much.  Thank you also for being such a wonderful Papa to Wade.  He loves you so much too. 

April 2007 083

{The above photo is over three years old, but it is the first one I could find of just my dad and me!  Dad, we need to do something about this!}

 DSC_0071 IMG_3563 DSC_0612

Of course I’m equally thankful for Philip today, as I think about the father he is to Wade.  In many ways, I long to be a mother to Wade the way that Philip is a father to him.  Does that make sense?  Philip loves Wade with such ease; he enjoys him and just naturally connects with him.  He totally gets how important it is that Wade know that his daddy loves him unconditionally.  I know this is a gift.  It would be an understatement to say that Wade adores his daddy.  He says “dada” with such inflection now (and throughout the day!); it is clear that he holds deep affection for this man.   The two of them look so much alike, and I know that Wade would be wise to emulate his daddy as he grows.  Thank you, Philip for loving our little boy so well. 

 IMG_4459 IMG_4493IMG_0089

I’m also thankful for my father-in-law today.  I know that he is a big reason that my husband is the man that he is.  Philip has the heart of a servant, and I believe that his father is largely responsible for this.  Philip’s dad is always willing to help in any way needed—I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever even heard him hesitate when anything is asked of him.   If I could glean just a bit of his patience and gentle spirit, I would be well served. 



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