Monday, December 21, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Soon after finishing his classes a little over a week ago, Philip commenced work on a project he had promised me for quite some time: building me a kitchen cabinet! And look: here it is! Didn't he do a fabulous job? We decided to go door-less, in part because that allowed for an easier project, but I also really like that look. The added storage space in our small kitchen is so wonderful!

Uncle G is staying with us for a couple days before we all head to Lynchburg for Christmas. Here, he and Wade enjoy their breakfast together.

Wade's been getting himself all happily tangled in wrapping supplies!

A neighbor was kind enough to pass along some of her leftover garland which we gladly added to the exterior of our house. See all that snow?!!!

We got nearly a foot of the white stuff, and we happily hunkered down for a couple days. This photo of Wade and his daddy was taken when we ventured out to a new coffee shop that's practically in our neighborhood. We just take this handly little foot bridge and within a few minutes we're there! Oh, and Wade's wearing his halloween costume {a dalmation sleeper} for added warmth!

The poor child is making it clear that he's tired of photos.

Wade doesn't have any snow boots, so mama and daddy fashioned him some from plastic bags. What do you think of that? Weird or genius? The photo below actually gives a bit of the wrong impression of Wade's feelings on the snow. It looks like he's smiling, but he really wasn't all that into it.

We're pretty much all ready for Christmas! Just a few more things to do. It has been SO fun to have a big snow storm right before Christmas. I have loved seeing all the houes lit up and decorated with real, live snow around them! I think I've mentioned this before, but I just love the seasons.

*You may notice there are only two stockings hanging from the mantle. I decided why not wait until after Christmas to get a really good deal on a stocking for Wade...hope that doesn't make me a bad mother!!!

I have to include this last photo of Wade in his stroller. My little boy is getting so big--turning ONE next month?! How can it be? I truly feel like he was just born. I love how this picture shows his little feet crossed.

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