Sunday, November 22, 2009

My husband is 30.

Ok, seriously, even if you're reading this and you're over the age of 30, can we please all agree that to someone in their 20's (ahem), turning 30 seems like you're getting on up there? I know, I know, we're still so young, and maybe you want to strangle me for even insinuating that 30 is old, but really, I feel like we were just in our early-mid 20's and getting married...and, I tell ya, the years are just ticking by.
Pictured here is my birthday boy who turned the big 3-0 on October 23rd!

Philip is a sweet and thoughtful husband to me and a devoted father to the Wader. We both love him dearly.

We celebrated the occasion by spending time in our favorite place: Charlottesville, Va. My parents were kind enough to meet us there and keep Wade in Lynchburg for two whole nights! (Ah, the full nights of sleep we enjoyed!!) While in God's country, we spent some time here:
doing this:

It was a perfect Fall day. We walked around and reminisced about all the fun times we've shared in this place.

We stayed at a lovely little Bed & Breakfast really close to the Corner, the Dinsmore House. {In the spirit of full disclosure, I should share with you all that the birthday boy is actually the one who deserves the credit for finding our great lodging. I have to admit, I've gotten pretty spoiled being married to a man who's a far better planner than I am. Philip really takes care of most of our travel arrangements, and he does such a good job that I had forgotten to plan ahead and pick a place for us to stay! Fortunately, we he came up with a great spot just in time!} We ended up walking the entire 1.63 miles through Charlottesville's downtown to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Mas, for dinner. This hip establishment was actually the site of Philip's and my first date, just about six years (almost to the day!) prior. We were fortunate enough to enjoy al fresco dining, which is particularly fun given that Mas is located in the charming neighborhood of Belmont, where older homes full of character mingle with new shops and restaurants.
After returning to Richmond, we headed out to Whole Foods for our weekly Friday night activity. During the hours of 5-7 pm, $5 (and each week you return it's only $4!) gets you five 2 oz. wine tastings that are each accompanied by a small plate of food (more than a sample, not quite as big as an appetizer, but usually enough to fill us up by the end!). We love it and go almost every week! One of the employees even knows us by name.
At this point, Philip thought that his birthday fun had come to a close, but his sneaky little wife had something else up her sleeve (talking about myself in the third person only seems fitting for some reason). Philip and I had long talked about trying this Cuban restaurant downtown, Havana 59. We love a good mojito and were spoiled by the ones we enjoyed during our time in Philly. They make a mean mojito. Unbeknownst to the hubs I had invited a handful of our friends here in Richmond to surprise him and celebrate his big day. We were both really touched by these friends who came out to celebrate Philip.

Philip and his good buddy, Barrett.
Our good friends, Jennifer and Daniel Walker.

I'm really glad John and Jon Marc were able to join us, but I mainly included this photo because I'm amused by how John appears to be sticking it to Jon Marc.

I know it was a month ago, but Happy Birthday Philip! I loved celebrating you and hope you had a great birthday. Of course I still love you even though you are now officially old :)

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