Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wade went to the beach!

Back in June Wade and I made the trip down to New Smyrna Beach, FL with my family. It was his first plane trip! Mama does not like flying, but it doesn't appear that I passed my distaste for it onto Wade; he did great on the plane! We stayed in a beautifully appointed ocean-front new condo, just a few rooms away from some dear friends of my parents. The beach was beautiful and I don't think it was much hotter than it is in Richmond (it's not so much that Florida is mild; it's that Richmond's hot!)

In the spirit of keeping things honest around here, I must say that while we did have a fun time, it was not so easy spending a week at the beach with a babe. A friend once said that when you travel with kids, it tends to be more of a re-location, than a va-cation. This is so so true.

Of course, you wouldn't know the new place was tough on the little guy by the looks of this picture. He's just loungin' by the ocean trying to catch a few rays...

Testing out the water. Our sensitive little man was a bit timid, no surprise :)

Did I mention we went with my parents? It is nice to travel with grandparents :)

We are hugely indebted to the Iverson family for arranging for us to borrow their exersaucer for the week--it was such a blessing!!!

I love this picture. I love how everyone is so focused on Goodnight Moon.

Wade and I shared some really sweet times together in the early evening when we would go for walks along the beach. He was so cozy in the Moby wrap, and the sound of the waves just soothed him to sleep so peacefully.

We celebrated Mimi's birthday with an elaborate homemade ice cream cake! I think my mom looks so pretty and full of joy and life here. I love her so.

Wade was just patrolling the beach here, that's all.

Bath time in the sink! It's fun when your baby has a lot of hair!

Uncle G always makes things more fun! He loves the water and rarely tires of it.

Graham's caretaker, Gretchen, traveled with us, and boy was she a HUGE help! Notice how I'm sitting down and she's successfully gotten Wade to fall asleep in the stroller! Yay for Gretchen!

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