Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Philip, Wade, and I recently traveled up to Northern Virginia to hang out with Philip's family. We enjoyed a terrific night outside on the patio and Wade got to meet several of his Grammy and PopPop's friends. It was a great opportunity for all the cousins to hang out together.
Notice how Ben is serving as a seat belt for Wade...what a sweet protective older cousin he is! Why does my child consistently look worried in photos?
{Wade, Ben, Kate, Abby}

Wade tried out the girls' exersaucer for the first time! He was a little unsteady at first, but it quickly became a hit!

I mean, does he not look concerned?

We've decided Abby and Wade are kindred spirits. Both are a tad bit on the sensitive side...

Have you ever seen so many brightly colored contraptions?

Ben thinks "Uncle Phil" is kind of crazy. Once, Philip decided to have a little fun and place Ben in a tree. Ben often speaks of this incident, and I am not sure whether it scarred him or amused him...


The girls happily snooze in their stroller (so sweet). Why can't my child do this?


  1. I have tons of brightly colored contraptions thrown all about my home. You want some?

  2. You know whats funny? When I have seen pictures of the Wadester I've thought, he looks worried or in deep thought in a lot of his pictures. hahaha. Maybe he's trying to figure out what you're doing with that thing up in front of your face. :) Irregardless, he's so cute. I hope to meet him sooner rather than later.


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